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Has anyone out there learned or ever wanted to learn a new and interesting language before? Perhaps you visited another country and really wanted to understand the native language not only to be a functional member of the society but to understand how the rest of the world lives or perhaps you learned a foreign language for extra credits at school. Brazilian Portuguese is one of the few romance languages out there and I have found it to be very interesting and unique not to mention the country of Brazil and it's people. I have learned to speak and write all of the basics of the Portuguese language and I am in the process of learning more.


The purpose of thebrazilianlanguage.com


At thebrazilianlanguage.com, the main focus is on learning Brazilian Portuguese or, for that matter, any other language of your choosing. This is accomplished by passing along information and or knowledge to visitors of thebrazilianlanguage.com in the hopes that all the complications and difficulties of learning a foreign language will be eased and you will find that anyone can learn. Some of the information may include proven language learning applications or programs that are an effective resource to learning a language and many of these programs and applications, from the articles on this site, have been tried and tested by the webmaster of thebrazilianlanguage.com through experience hence the ole clich? ("Been there, done that").


From the webmaster- "I have been to the country of Brazil and before my first visit I purchased some audio only CDs. As I have learned from experience, the best obvious approach to learning a new language is to live in the culture and become immersed with the language on a daily basis, but as for an alternative method of learning a foreign language, I believe the best would have to be the audio method. This is how we all learned to speak as infants. We learned sound first before we learned how it all fits together. In my opinion, I believe that the Portuguese language is really a unique language. I think that the closest language to Brazilian Portuguese (besides Spanish) would have to be French and I don't mean the grammar, I am talking about the sounds. The French use a lot of nasal sounds when they speak as do the Brazilians. I think that the most accurate way, if I were asked what is it like learning a foreign language, I would say like...watching a puzzle slowly being put together. It is a very fascinating experience as well as intellectually stimulating to the mind! I am dedicating this site to pass on what knowledge I have acquired to anyone interested in learning the Portuguese language and to express my genuine enthusiastic appreciation for the Brazilian culture. Even if your interest is centered in learning the European (Portuguese of Portugal) version of Portuguese, I think this content can be of use to anyone out there seeking to learn the Portuguese language. I made the information as easy to understand as I could and I also included, on this site, information as well as other helpful resources to get you started on your journey and experience learning an exciting and new language. I do make frequent updates to this site so come back and visit more often to see the newest and latest improvements, updates, enhancements, and content and thanks for visiting The Brazilian Language".


About the webmaster


My name is Daniel. I am an American with a great appreciation and respect for other cultures and countries, particularly that of Brazil. I have lived in the country of Brazil with my wife in a small Amazonian city. I grew up in the United States in the state of Oregon where I spent a good part of my life. I have vivid memories of growing up and going to school in the state of Alaska in a little town called "Nenana" with mostly native Alaskans and Eskimos so I am no stranger to diversity. I graduated from Sweethome High in the city of Sweethome. After high school, I joined the Ft. Simcoe Job Corp in White Swan, Washington. While attending job corp I took an administrative leave to join the military. After I had completed two trades at Ft. Simcoe, I continued on with my career in the military. I served in the US military with a few overseas tours. I have been to South Korea, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Ireland, Iceland, and Canada and of course Brazil, but not all of my overseas trips were with the US military. I have been to other places and countries with family on visits. I think it is very interesting to see new and amazing places and meet other people from other cultures. I am currently retired from the military with 20 years. This site for me is just a hobby and is a vehicle, if you will, that I use to express my interest with the Portuguese language of Brazil.


My hopes and dreams are that other people from all over the world will learn to accept and appreciate other people and cultures the same way I have. If you observe any deficiencies or errors with my site or for any reason wish to contact me don't hesitate to Contact Webmaster


Praia de Iracema (Fortaleza Brazil)
Praia de Iracema (Fortaleza)




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