Brazilian Phrases

Here are some Basic phrases in Portuguese to get you around. They may be useful if you are learning the language for the first time and are planning to travel to the country of Brazil (or Portugal for that matter). Be sure to stop by my Pronunciation page to see how the words are actually spoken. Looking for supplementation of Portuguese phrases? try my partner site



Note: Informal is when you are speaking with someone that you know and formal is when you are speaking with an elder or someone who is respected & when you see a word followed by o/a example: obrigado/a - it means that this word is either masculine or feminine (a is feminine and will be spoken by a female and o is masculine and spoken by a male).


Phrase Informal Formal (male) Formal (female)
Do you speak English? Voc? fala Ingl?s? O senhor fala Ingl?s? A senhora fala Ingl?s?
I don't speak Portuguese Eu n?o falo Portugu?s N/A N/A
I speak a little Portuguese Eu falo um pouco de Portugu?s N/A N/A
Good morning Bom dia N/A N/A
Good afternoon Boa tarde N/A N/A
Good evening Boa noite N/A N/A
How are you? Como vai? / Como est?? N/A N/A
Nice to meet you Muito prazer N/A N/A
What is your name? Qual ? seu nome? N/A N/A
My name is... Meu nome ?... N/A N/A
See you later At? logo N/A N/A
Bye! Tchau! N/A N/A
Good bye! Adeus! N/A N/A
Are you from here? Voc? ? daqui? O senhor ? daqui? A senhora ? daqui?
I am not from here Eu n?o sou daqui N/A N/A
Where are you from? De onde voc? ?? De onde o senhor ?? De onde a senhora ??
How much does it cost? Quanto custa? / Quanto ?? N/A N/A
I am American Eu sou Americano/a N/A N/A
I did not understand Eu n?o entendi N/A N/A
Say again Fale de novo / Repita N/A N/A
Where is the hotel? Onde fica o hotel? N/A N/A
Where is the restraunt? Onde fica o restaurante? N/A N/A
Where is the airport? Onde fica o aeroporto? N/A N/A
Thank you! Obrigado/a N/A N/A
Where do you live? Ao onde voc? mora? Ao onde o senhor mora? Ao onde a senhora mora?
How old are you? Quantos anos voc? tem? Quantos anos o senhor tem? Quantos anos a senhora tem?
How do you say?... Como voc? se diz?... N/A N/A
What is it? O que ?? N/A N/A
Hey there! eh a?! N/A N/A
More or less Mais ou menos N/A N/A
Thank God! Gra?as A Deus! N/A N/A
Wow! Caramba! N/A N/A
what do you mean? Como assim? N/A N/A
I trust you Eu confio em voc? N/A N/A
He is doing fine Ele est? passando bem N/A N/A
I want to know Eu quero saber N/A N/A
I don't want to know anymore Eu n?o quero mais saber N/A N/A
Don't mess with it N?o mexa com ele N/A N/A



Brazilian Expressions

Wow! Caramba! Hey there! Eh a?
More or less. Mais ou menos Thank God! Gra?as a Deus!
I am a tightwad Eu sou m?o de vaca Gross! Credo!
Everything's good Tudo bem That's scarry! Agora me-deu medo!
Oh my God! Oh meu Deus! Enough already! Chega j?!
Stop that! P?ra com isso! Good morning Bom dia
Good afternoon Boa tarde Good evening Boa noite
I will return soon volto j? j? Yeah! Pois ?!
Really? ? mesmo? ok, or enough t? bom
I am dying of hunger! estou morrendo de fome! We are going A gente j? vai
This makes me angry Isso me-d? um raiva Never again! N?o tem nada vez!
Snitch Dedo-duro He is a suck up! Ele puxa saco!
Hurry up and go! Vai logo!




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