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I have seen hundreds of websites and software programs out on the net that focus to much on the needless, senseless technicalities of learning a foreign language. That is alright and dandy if you are in school and your curriculum demands the need to learn the "Whole 9 yards" but what if you are planning a trip to Brazil with friends? at some point during the trip you may find yourself alone and in a situation where you may need to communicate with the employee at the store, or the airport, or hotel. While, during my many trips to the country of Brazil, I have lucked out and managed to find an English speaking Brazilian native, there were times when I wished I had a translator with me to save me the embarrassment of the moment if you know what I mean? You don't have the time to learn all the information that comes from learning a new language although would it be nice if we could?


What does Real Brazilian Portuguese teach?


Teaches Real life Brazilian Portuguese instead of useless grammar and vocabulary. If your goal is to learn quickly and without the need to learn all the grammar, verbs, punctuation, conjugation, then this program is what you probably will be wanting. If you are like I was during my first time ever to Brazil, then you would have been wishing for a fast fix - an electronic speaking dictionary, or a real translator at your side 24/7. This course teaches you only what you need to know to communicate effectively with Brazilians and then enables you to progress beyond basic chat from there. It teaches you ONLY the common words used in everyday communication ... this is how Real Brazilian Portuguese is able to teach you the language at a fast pace. Real Brazilian Portuguese teaches you "mnemonic" where you learn by linking new information to familiar information already stored in the brain for example - the smell of flowers blooming reminds us of spring or a certain word or phrase reminds you of your login password.


What comes with Real Brazilian Portuguese?


The program comes with 20 easy to understand lessons which are covered in over 150 pages, it contains all the information you need to know about mnemonics and to use it with the program, it has lots of extra bonus stuff like tricks and tips which are designed to help you along the way learning the language, and it has unlimited Real Brazilian Portuguese email support for life. Real Brazilian Portuguese also does come with a 60 day money back guarantee and orders are taken 24/7 365 days per year and the price? well unfortunately nothing really is for "free" but I think for $39.00 dollars you can't go bad. There are only 133 words (28 power verbs, 48 hot verbs, 57 power vocabulary) that you will need to learn with this program. visit the vendors website at - and see for yourself what the program can do for you or if you feel like you want to give it a try already you can tryout the program now.




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