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When people learn a language, it is important to use repetition because this is how everybody learns to speak as a child. we learn by hearing sounds over and over from our mother. It is also a well known fact that when babies learn to speak they often associate images with words & vise versa (hence the need for flashcards incorporated in language learning softwares/apps). I have used a program that uses all these important tools of language learning software. It uses a new technology called Speech Recognition (which enables you to perfect your pronunciation) as well as the use of flash cards. I lived in Brazil for a few years so I can certainly say that I see the full process involved, the process of learning through sound, of learning through sight and visualizations, this is all immediately clear to me, and so based on this observation through this experience of being immersed with the language and culture, I can, without a doubt, say that a good program, a good application would have to be Transparent's "Brazilian Portuguese Byki Deluxe 4".



How does Transparent teach a language effectively?

Transparent language uses a "Declarative First" approach when it comes to learning the Portuguese language (or any other language of your choosing). So what is meant by "Declarative First"? ... Scientists who research language know that there are two factors that contribute to successful language learning and those two factors would be declarative memory and procedural memory. These factors, or systems, allow people to learn, retain, and produce language. Transparent's main focus is on learning vocabulary as opposed to learning grammar and sentence structure and to learn a new language this way has been proven more effective than trying to remember all the rules of the language. Also, how would you like to learn to speak a language via an experienced private language coach, and be able to learn at your own pace? Then you should try Connect Online Courses. Connect online courses


Transparent Language


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